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What does real property appraisal include?

Market appraisal of real property is a procedure by which a real property appraiser determines the value of a real property at present time while taking into account all possible future influences (legal, financial, urban, construction and other influences). Market appraisal of real property is one of the most complicated procedures in court appraisal of real property. This complexity is caused by several factors of both subjective and objective nature. The subjective nature of the procedure is caused not only by the personal approach of the real property appraiser, but also by the expectations of the client.

There are currently three widely accepted types of real property appraisal – with different names in different types of expert literature:

  • The first type is the cost approach method, also known as the method for determining actual value or static method.
  • The second type is the comparable sales method, also known as the method of value comparison.
  • The third type is the income capitalization approach, also known as the method of return evaluation or dynamic method.

Real property appraisal applies to:

  • apartments
  • houses
  • office spaces and facilities
  • hospitality facilities
  • warehouse and production facilities
  • construction plots
  • agricultural plots
  • department stores
  • petrol stations
  • specific types of real property

Price of Real Property Appraisal:

The price depends on the type, size, purpose and position of an object.
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Purpose of Real Property Appraisal

  • getting approval for a mortgage loan for a private citizen or company
  • assistance with the sale and purchase of real property, that is, providing help to a seller with regards to the determining of an acceptable price, or to a seller with regards to the determining of the bidding price
  • probate proceedings
  • taxation
  • distraint procedure
  • insurance payout after damage to real property
  • revision of the book value of long-term assets in financial reports
  • determining the liquidation amount in case of forced sale or bankruptcy
  • investment decisions and feasibility studies
  • determining the cost effectiveness of acquisitions
  • other business transactions

The real estate appraisal study encompasses:

  • photo documentation
  • the surveying of an object
  • the construction value of an object
  • the market value of an object

We provide real estate appraisal service within the whole territory of Croatia. The appraisal is carried out by highly-qualified experts and certified court appraisers. will put at your disposal its network of external expert associates and authorized court appraisers with years of experience.

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