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Splendid luxurious Villa with pool and beautiful Mediterranean garden!

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County info

Area: 2,820 km2
Population: 208,440 (2011)
County capital: Pazin (8,630 inhabitants)

GDP (2011): 2,704 million EUR
GDP per capita (2011): 12,991 EUR
unemployment rate (2012): 10.9%

Most important sectors: industry (25.4%), trade (20.8%), tourism (11.9%)

Export (2011): 958,957,000 EUR
Import (2011): 732,331,000 EUR

Export markets: Italy (44.1%), Luxembourg (24.5%), Slovenia (9.1%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (4.6%), Germany (3%)

Export products: ships (44%), clothes (12%), machinery (7%), tobacco (6.8%), non-metal (6.8%), stone wool (5.4%), electrical equipment (5.2%)

FDI (1993-2013): 1,238.9 million EUR



Istra Region

Real Estate Description

This splendid luxurious Villa with extensive private plot is designed as a pleasant residence for eight people. Stone plates and Mediterranean plants on one side, combined with the up-to-date construction techniques, state-of-the art materials and the convenience of a swimming pool and a sauna on the other side represent a cross between tradition and luxury provided by modern housing. The Villa is at its final, carcass construction stage, which means we can offer you the possibility to decorate it yourself and adjust it to your own taste and needs.

The ground floor consists of a living area which includes a hallway, a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen with a dining room, a bathroom, and a roofed patio that stretches down to the summer kitchen with a terrace, a hut and a bathroom. The bedroom is separated with a sandblasted glass screen, and the floor in the wellness facility, which includes a Turkish bath, is fitted with a first-class anti-slip tiles. The kitchen and the bar are enclosed with a transparent glass, and the canvas curtain panels attached to the ceiling fixed rails serve to visually separate the kitchen from the dining room. In between the dining room and the living room there is a double-sided fireplace decorated with stone and wooden beams, and you can access the patio from the living room via stone –paved passages. The wood-floored illuminated staircase leads up to the first floor. The first floor contains a sleeping area with three bedrooms and pertaining bathrooms. The dividers used in the bedrooms are also made of sandblasted glass, with ornamental canvas curtain panels providing additional privacy in the rooms fitted with parquet flooring similar to boat floors. The first floor also contains a working area, intended for fitting a washing machine and a dryer that can double as a pantry as well.

The extensive lot of land of 1,622 m2, and tall trees provide privacy which is additionally protected by the wall surrounding the villa. Two pebbly courtyards provide easy car access and parking. The Villa is paved with stone flags which, in combination with Mediterranean plants, give the place a characteristic rustic look, and its no less than 60 cm thick walls provide excellent thermo insulation effect by preserving heat during winter, and keeping the interior pleasantly cool during summer, thus reducing heating needs supplied by electricity or solar energy. A composting site and an incinerator complete the environment-friendly quality of the estate. Grass and bulb fields are criss-crossed with grassy trails, while the irrigated garden used for growing spice plants, fruits and vegetables can be reached via a pebbly pathway. Deciduous hedge plants and shade loving plants wait to be accompanied by a garden bench from which guests will be able to enjoy the view of the sea, even when they come down from the stone-paved patio. The paved garden located at a slightly lower ground level, as well as the pergola with a garden set, makes a perfect place for garden parties. The guests will also have the opportunity to enjoy by the outdoor pool with a surface of 12x5m. The illuminated mixed border and a water body with stone plates designed for crossing make this Mediterranean picture complete.


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