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Villa Marafor

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County info

Area: 2,820 km2
Population: 208,440 (2011)
County capital: Pazin (8,630 inhabitants)

GDP (2011): 2,704 million EUR
GDP per capita (2011): 12,991 EUR
unemployment rate (2012): 10.9%

Most important sectors: industry (25.4%), trade (20.8%), tourism (11.9%)

Export (2011): 958,957,000 EUR
Import (2011): 732,331,000 EUR

Export markets: Italy (44.1%), Luxembourg (24.5%), Slovenia (9.1%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (4.6%), Germany (3%)

Export products: ships (44%), clothes (12%), machinery (7%), tobacco (6.8%), non-metal (6.8%), stone wool (5.4%), electrical equipment (5.2%)

FDI (1993-2013): 1,238.9 million EUR



Istra Region


Unique beautiful classic Istrian villa. Located on a historical square Marafor, of which leads you, paved road to the center (150 m). Marafor square: The Roman Forum, where public gatherings took place, once stood on the site of the present-day Trg Marafor.

The original pavement has been preserved along the northern row of houses on the square. West of this rectangular square, inside a small park, are the ruins of the 2nd-century Temple of Neptune, dedicated to the god of the sea. Two sides of this villa offers You unique view thru Roman ruins and temple on the crystal blue sea. Roman temple is located right next to the property.

With a fantastic location, this semi-detached house of 795m2 - ground floor + first floor + second floor and attic (incl. 288m2 commercial - Cafe / Restaurant) offers you the possibility of the return of your investment. With a beautiful view on Roman ruins and temple, on the ground floor of left building there is an area paved with stone from the Roman period, which is provided for a wine bar, cafe or finger food restaurant (168m2) and on the ground floor of the right object is a well-established cafe (120m2).....


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