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Villa M1

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County info

Area: 9,272.37 km2
Population: 122,870 (2011)
County capital: Dubrovnik (43,770 inhabitants )

GDP (2011): 1,202 million EUR
GDP per capita (2011): 9,807 EUR
Unemployment rate (2012): 19%

Most important sectors (2012): trade (23%), tourism (23%), transport and storage (13%), construction (11%)

Export (2012): 23.5 million EUR
Import (2012): 69.9 million EUR

Export markets: Italy (20%), China (10,7%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (8%), Netherlands (6.6%), Spain (5.1%), Serbia (4.3%), Germany (4.2%)

Export products: ships, boats and floating structures (38.7%), fruits and vegetables (15%), machinery and mechanical appliances (6.1%), construction and cranes (5.4%), beverages, alcohol and vinegar (5.2%), wood and wood products (4.7%)

FDI (1993-2013): 501.4 million EUR


Dubrovnik Region


The historical building has got 580 square meter living-space and it divides in ground floor and three upon floors (8 rooms). In addition to the main building there are outbuildings, surface of 250 m2. Furthermore, the Palace is surrounded with gardens and other green of a plot of 1800 m2.

This building is located in the center of town, just 112 km from Dubrovnik and it was built in the 18. century!
Italian artist have painted the walls inside the house and gave it a rich culture touch of this glory time of peninsula Pelješac during 19. century. Nevertheless, the funiture that the fleet ship-owners called M1 brought from all around the world generation by generation, are orginals and nowadays antic. These antic furnitures will be also sold together with the Palace, because one without the other the building would not be complete and it would lose its charm. Everything is in a very good condition according the years.

There is one enterance from the southern side or sea-side, where the main pedestrian-zone is, another one is connected to the main road where the garages and other more parking-spaces are located.
The complete proprety is fenced by stone walls that secure privacy and peace. The proprety has one owner.

Also we need to mention that the peninsula of Pelješac is a kingdom of Dingač, the most esteemed Croatian wine. The wine roads of the peninsula of Pelješac are appreciated in Croatia for the quality of wine produced and tasted here.



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