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Apart Hotel, excellent location!

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County info

Area: 2,820 km2
Population: 208,440 (2011)
County capital: Pazin (8,630 inhabitants)

GDP (2011): 2,704 million EUR
GDP per capita (2011): 12,991 EUR
unemployment rate (2012): 10.9%

Most important sectors: industry (25.4%), trade (20.8%), tourism (11.9%)

Export (2011): 958,957,000 EUR
Import (2011): 732,331,000 EUR

Export markets: Italy (44.1%), Luxembourg (24.5%), Slovenia (9.1%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (4.6%), Germany (3%)

Export products: ships (44%), clothes (12%), machinery (7%), tobacco (6.8%), non-metal (6.8%), stone wool (5.4%), electrical equipment (5.2%)

FDI (1993-2013): 1,238.9 million EUR



Istra Region

Real Estate Description

The hotel has been built according to the 3–star (EU wide standard) and is divided into the following areas: Seven apartments with heating and air condition, reception, laundry, restaurant with open–air restaurant, terrace and storage room, facility for an additional business room on street level, underground parking with min. six parking lots, cottage for outdoor kitchen or grill, surrounding garden.

The sea view is completing the attraction of the object, which carries the required operating license, but is not furnished. Expansion with the adjacent parcel (with building permit) is possible. Modern residential and commercial premises (a mini apart-hotel with a restaurant) in Vinkuran, with the view of the sea.

The residential and commercial property consists of 6 apartments (ca. 50 m² each), an apartment with gallery area (250 m²), underground garage and business premises (restaurant or other use). All 6 apartments (3 on the first floor and 3 on the second floor) have a living room with a kitchenette, a bedroom and a terrace. There is also a common-area laundry room and a room for keeping bed linen, towels, etc. The apartment on the top floor consists of two bedrooms and 2 children bedrooms, a kitchen with exit to terrace, a store-room, a bathroom, a toilet with a shower and a large living room with a gallery area. The living room has a fireplace and a glass door with a beautiful view of the Vinkuran Bay. The residential part and the garage have a use permit. On the ground floor there is a restaurant (it has a building permit) which is currently in an advanced ‘shell and core’ status with exit to a big terrace of ca. 130 m² in front of the house. The terrace has sea view.

The underground garage has 6 parking places and two more parking places in front of it. There is a power line channel from the house and the garage to the road. In the backyard there is a landscaped garden with a little stone house which can be used as a place of gathering or the like. The house has a complete thermal insulation, with electricity, water, gas central heating and air-conditioning in every room.

The buyer of this property has a possibility to purchase neighbouring/ adjacent building plot of 1800 m² (currently olive grove) with the very affordable price tag of 270.000 EUR. Size of 6 small apartments: ca. 50 m² / Size of large apartment: 250 m² – This apartment features panorama windows overlooking the bay, a fireplace and gallery as well as an attic / All apartments are equiped with balconies, toilet / shower / bath, a kitchenette, air conditioning / central heating. / Size of the restaurant’s panorama terrace (sea view): 130 m² / Size of adjacent parcel (possibility of expansion): 1800 m² / Price of adjacent parcel: 360,000 Euro / Underground parking: min. 6 parking lots / Business room directly on street level / Technical infrastructure: satellite–TV, telephone connection and ADSL.

Location and advantages: tourist location with sea view and surrounded by breath–taking nature, close to the antique city of Pula with several leisure time facilities and lively urban atmosphere, and only 5 min. away from a marina; the opportunity of expansion to the adjacent parcel – shopping facilities in the village – bus station and public beach in immediate vicinity.


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