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Family run hotel with apartments

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County info

Area: 2,820 km2
Population: 208,440 (2011)
County capital: Pazin (8,630 inhabitants)

GDP (2011): 2,704 million EUR
GDP per capita (2011): 12,991 EUR
unemployment rate (2012): 10.9%

Most important sectors: industry (25.4%), trade (20.8%), tourism (11.9%)

Export (2011): 958,957,000 EUR
Import (2011): 732,331,000 EUR

Export markets: Italy (44.1%), Luxembourg (24.5%), Slovenia (9.1%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (4.6%), Germany (3%)

Export products: ships (44%), clothes (12%), machinery (7%), tobacco (6.8%), non-metal (6.8%), stone wool (5.4%), electrical equipment (5.2%)

FDI (1993-2013): 1,238.9 million EUR



Istra Region

Real Estate Description

Family hotel consists the main building (three floors), two additional suites, an independent apartment bungalows, spacious cellars, laundry room and cloakroom. Apartments are fully equipped and furnished and all bedrooms are air-conditioned. All apartments have built-in vaults for storing jewelry.

In a beautiful stone tavern with a large barbecue and bake bread-pizza, can have lunch up to 30 people. Next to it there is a barbecue, space for washing dishes and pergola, under which there are two stone tables with benches for sitting and watching TV.

The courtyard is surrounded by a stone fence, lighted outdoor lighting, driveway with sliding doors, and doors for pedestrian entrance. On the southwest side of the courtyard, at the end of the parking lot there is pedestrian passage with closed metal door, which is used to go to sea.


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