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Luxurious Farmhouse Estate - Istra

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County info

Area: 2,820 km2
Population: 208,440 (2011)
County capital: Pazin (8,630 inhabitants)

GDP (2011): 2,704 million EUR
GDP per capita (2011): 12,991 EUR
unemployment rate (2012): 10.9%

Most important sectors: industry (25.4%), trade (20.8%), tourism (11.9%)

Export (2011): 958,957,000 EUR
Import (2011): 732,331,000 EUR

Export markets: Italy (44.1%), Luxembourg (24.5%), Slovenia (9.1%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (4.6%), Germany (3%)

Export products: ships (44%), clothes (12%), machinery (7%), tobacco (6.8%), non-metal (6.8%), stone wool (5.4%), electrical equipment (5.2%)

FDI (1993-2013): 1,238.9 million EUR



Istra Region

Real Estate Description

The 111 year-old traditional Istrian residence, renovated and equipped in a modern way… **Winner of The European Destination of Excellence 2012/2013.

This unique and rare to offer estate is located in an Istrian town only 15 km from the unspoilt Adriatic. Placed in peaceful and idyllic surroundings, it covers an area of vast, carefully tended gardens dotted with aged trees and Mediterranean shrubs, ensuring a total calm, relaxation and well – deserved privacy. A striking “jewel“ amongst the trees is a over 200 years old Ladonia tree (Celtis Australis). 

The time spent in the gardens provides an utter new experience. The estate is surrounded by a natural stone wall within which the private parking area is situated. This splendid 111 year-old traditional Istrian residence has painstakingly been renovated with particular attention to detail and fully equipped in a modern way, whilst managed to keep its rural architecture and “feel” intact, creates a comfortable living environment. Its position with beautiful panoramic views extending to the see, are perfect starting points for excursions inland or to the Adriatic coast only 15 km away. The major Istrian towns of Pula, Rovinj, and Porec are all located in close proximity.

Self-contained exclusive the 111 years old property comprises the three separate buildings and include a total of 3,531 m2 of land, 899,55 m2 of net residential area. This lavish and unique estate has repeatedly featured in some of the most respected travel and gastronomy magazines worldwide. In addition,  world renown The Lonely Planet has recommended this property as the TOP CHOICE in Istria. This lavish and unique estate has just been offered onto the market.

The property is under video surveillance and alarm system directly connected to the security of the house. Additionally, a separate, modern playground area for children offers all the variety for the juniors full of energy. Private parking allowing for 10 vehicles. Location: The 260 m above sea-level, in a peaceful location with beautiful views of the sea. 

The unique configuration, in combination with breathtaking sunsets, fascinates visitors, until the last sun’s rays disappear. Shopping for essentials may be carried out at the local stores in nearby villages (3 km away) which include a number of café-bars and wine-cellars/restaurants that serve traditional Istrian specialities. The estate is equipped with state of the art thermal isolation and combined with a powerful central heating system, is utilized to make a living comfortable in the autumn/winter months. Complete documentation.


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