Opportunity to invest in Croatia

Why Qwadu Premium?

As you've probably already heard, investing in Croatia can be problematic if you don't know what you need to quickly start your business, where and how.
Even if you're hugely optimistic and have worked out a detailed plan for realizing your set goals, the lack of understanding of local practice can cause you serious problems which will only unnecessarily prolong the whole process of investment realization.
This is why you need someone who knows the local administrative practice.

Why Qwadu Premium

We want to assist you with our experience in situations where it's impossible to tell a good choice from a bad choice.
Thanks to our several years of work experience in Switzerland which we have implemented in Croatia we are able to offer a wholesome range of services related to investment projects, including:

  • resolution of administrative difficulties
  • classification of investment projects
  • segmentation of investment projects
  • quality assessment of offered investment projects
  • selection of excellent business zone locations for starting or relocating business activities
  • selection of an appropriate business partner
  • business advices

Our goal is to ensure you additional value for your invested money with the help of our unique catalogue of Croatia's investment potential.
We will help you choose the most appropriate business partner and provide a basis for the development of your business in Croatia by offering you quality investment projects.

Are you looking for a business zone for your factory?

We'll help you find the best one.

Do you want to make use of Croatia's tourism potential? We'll find you the appropriate hotel, marina or best location for building a hotel.

Qwadu Premium is your first step towards realizing your investment potential in Croatia.

Where others fail, you will succeed with Qwadu Premium.

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